About D2Expert

The personal injury claims industry is in a state of flux. The last few years have seen radical changes in the way business is done, driven by the twin forces of government intervention and technological innovation.

While the future is unclear, one certainty is the importance of the medical expert. Whatever the Ministry of Justice’s next move is with the MedCo portal, there can be no substitute for expert insight as a key part of the claims process.

And while as many costs are removed from the equation as possible, and impartiality of case allocation is driven via MedCo, the final destination of the current changes could well end up as a direct-to-expert model for medical report procurement.

The Association of Direct Medical Experts (ADME) has been formed with this possibility in mind. In this climate of cost-cutting, what if experts could work direct for solicitor clients, removing the extra layer of expense and administration that the current MRO model brings to the process?

D2Expert was created by the not-for-profit ADME and is proud to act on behalf of experts who retain the overwhelming majority of the fee.

D2Expert offers the most efficient and streamlined customer journey, embracing the randomisation of MedCo through a highly organised and personal administration service, underpinned with a state of the art IT hub.