D2Expert welcomes all practitioners who are registered and accredited as direct medical experts on the MedCo portal. Once you have joined D2Expert, you will be provided with the following support:

  • A named secretary who will provide you with a direct administrative support service. All letters and correspondence go out in your name, and from your secretary with a direct dial number
  • Free access to the Nephex medical diary and report writing solution, licensed to D2Expert. This will allow you to publish your diary to instructing parties and to your administrative team. It allows for the creation of free text reports, which produce the required CSV data to upload back into MedCo
  • Any instruction party will be given access to your diary, either through your secretary or direct via letter, email, web portal or A2A web-services

As a D2Expert member your services will be offered to instructing parties on a standard set of terms and conditions. These will include:

  • Deferred payment terms
  • A pre-agreed, fixed write-off facility, which is civil procedural rules compliant as you will receive a fixed remuneration for each report, irrespective of the outcome of the case
  • Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators


  • You will receive a fixed proportion of your fee for each report, agreed by the board and reviewed at quarterly intervals.
  • This fee will be the same for all experts, irrespective of specialty.
  • It will be paid within 28 days of case settlement by the instructing party, but all cases will be paid by 12 months, irrespective of instructing party credit terms which may go beyond this time.
  • It is the view of the board that through efficient management and use of leading edge technology our target is to reduce the administration costs to less than 25% of the overall fee.

Restrictive covenants

  • D2Expert believes in open and free competition. Whilst all of your direct medical expert MedCo work will have to be administered through the D2Expert system, you will be free to work for MROs without restriction.