Instructing Parties

D2Expert strikes a perfect balance between the MedCo randomisation and the professional and business requirement faced by instructing parties, offering:

  • One single efficient administration process for all of your reporting requirement by using the direct medical expert instruction route
  • One single set of terms, conditions, and service level standards adhered to by all D2Expert specialists
  • A professional and personable secretarial administrator to deal with the management of your client’s appointment
  • One portal view, for you to view all your cases, irrespective of which expert they are with
  • One diary interface which allows you to book directly with a chosen expert, or alternatively allows the expert’s secretary manage the process
  • Favourable terms and conditions for payment and write off, consistent with industry norms, but compliant with civil procedural rules for experts
  • The knowledge that the relationship with the expert and his/her administration is a voluntary and ethical company, acting to offer you the best efficiency and business process, while returning as much of the fee to the expert as possible