Creating a clear pathway to medical expertise

As the service arm of the Association of Direct Medical Experts, D2Expert is the best option for instructing parties who wish to deal directly with a medical expert while retaining a single and efficient business process, along with favourable credit terms and whilst working within the spirit of the MedCo policy.

The comprehensive system can book appointments, ensure patient attendance, track case history, generate a medical report bespoke to the expert, and then – most importantly in practical terms – take care of the commercial terms, insurances and contracting process.

By choosing D2Expert you will benefit from:

  • A central administration centre for management of all reports
  • A portal view of all cases and a single webservice A2A integration if required
  • Online diary booking facilities – appointments can be booked directly with your chosen expert and your client
  • A finance centre with centralised paywall facilities
  • A single set of deferred terms and conditions with all experts