If you have arrived here, it is likely that you are making a personal injury claim either through a legal representative or using the Litigant in Person (LiP) Portal provided by the Ministry of justice.

You may be researching which medical expert to select or you may have already selected a medical expert who uses the D2Expert Service to provide them world class administration and IT facilities.

Whilst this process may be a little daunting, please rest assured that a “D2Expert” Expert and our administrators are here to make the process as simple, stress free and efficient

When you first enquire about an expert or instruct them, you will be sent a link to their unique webpage which includes information about the expert, details of their venues and their policies regarding privacy, data and complaints. From the same webpage you will also be able to book or reschedule your appointment. 

About D2Expert

D2Expert are specialists in medico-legal administration and work on behalf of the experts to provide them with administration services including:

  • Booking and Rescheduling of Appointments
  • Telephone Call Handling
  • Live Chat Handling
  • SMS Handling
  • Managing Email
  • Managing Post
  • Other administration tasks

By being your first port of call for any queries, this allows the experts to concentrate on providing examinations and independent medico legal reports. An expert is often unable to answer their telephone if they are already with another Claimant.

D2Expert are available first hand to deal with the query during the office hours of 8:30am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours we have agents who are able to assist in a more limited capacity. 

If D2Expert are unable to assist with your query, they will log the details and ask the expert to contact you.

In summary, D2Expert work for the expert and provide services to them. At all times when you instruct the expert, they are overseeing the whole process and they are responsible for delivering the medico legal report.